Paradox Security Systems

Paradox Security Systems
paradoxsecurity   Paradox has been tried and tested over the years and proven to be one of the best systems money can buy. They support a range of systems including Spectra, Esprit and Magellan. The passives includes wired and wireless of which pet friendly is optional on both.



Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks is used as a strong lock, whether you use it on your security gate or your motorized swing gate.  Various sizes being 150kg, 300kg and 500kg are available.  Centurion recently launched the Armalock which doesn’t need a continious power supply, it only draws power when is has to open or close.



Centurion Smartguard Keypad


Centurion Polophone Intercom


The Centurion Smartguard Keypad is the smartest way to control access to your property whether your home or not. The main features includes :

    • Up to 1000 1 to 10 digit access codes
    • Selectively add and remove codes
    • Guaranteed data security
    • Multiple outputs
    • Optional smart switch prevents hot wiring
    • Anti hack feature
    • Various alarm conditions, including panic function
    • Elegant Sturdy Construction
    • Weatherproof enclosure
    • Limit on number of times a code can be used.  I.e. give a visitor access to your property only once

The POLOphone is a uniquely styled intercom system that offers outstanding features, state of the art design and excellent value for money. The POLOphone is also a proud winner of the prestigious SABS Design Institute’s Design Excellence Awards. The expandability of the POLOphone is quite exceptional. From a basic one-to-one kit for the average home, simply add components to the system to expand it into an ideal system for larger houses or small office installations.  Main features includes :

  • Only two wires
  • Expandable up to five components, maximum two entry panels
  • Each panel fitted with two call buttons
  • Single or dual call button modes of operation
  • Intercommunication between two groups of handsets
  • Award winning style handset.
  • Each handset incorporates:
    • Gate release for each entry panel
    • Auxiliary control button
    • Intercommunication call button
    • Gate status LED
    • 12V operation with optional battery backup
    • Built-in lightning protection